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21 Apr. 2018
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Labs & Diagnostics

Laboratory tests are medical procedures that involve testing samples of blood, urine, or other tissues or substances in the body. Lab tests show whether or not your results fall within normal ranges. Normal test values are usually given as a range, rather than as a specific number, because normal values vary from person to person.

Your doctor uses lab tests to:

  • Identify changes in your health condition before any symptoms occur
  • Diagnose a disease or condition before you have symptoms
  • Plan your treatment for a disease or condition
  • Evaluate your response to a treatment
  • Monitor the course of a disease over time

At CashPay Complete® , our goal is to offer members the highest laboratory and diagnostic services at the most affordable prices . Through our strategic alliances with leading laboratories and diagnostic facilities, CashPay Complete® puts you in control of your healthcare spending. No referrals required. No insurance claim forms to submit. Browse CPC Medi-Save ™ and save up to 75% everyday.

Shop CPC Medi-Save™ for printable discounts on a broad selection of laboratory and diagnostic services to best fit your family's needs and budget.

Common Lab Tests

•  Bloods Tests

•  Blood Culture

•  BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel)

•  Complete Blood Count

•  Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

•  Electrolytes Test

•  Frozen Section Biopsy

•  Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap)

•  Stool tests

•  Urine Tests

Prevention & Screening Tests

•  Breast Cancer

•  Cervical cancer

•  High cholesterol

•  Obesity

•  Skin cancer

•  Thyroid

•  Dysfunction

•  Chlamydia

•  Colorectal cancer

•  Diabetes

•  Osteoporosis

•  Prostate cancer

•  Tuberculosis

Common Diagnostic Tests

•  CT Scans

•  Diagnostic Imaging

•  Genetics/Paternity/Pregnancy Testing

•  Mammography

•  MRI Scans

•  Nuclear Scans

•  Prenatal Testing

•  Radiation Exposure

•  Ultrasound

•  X-Rays

Shop CPC Medi-Save™ in 3 Easy Steps!

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Click on a Provider Coupon to view more detailed information about the offer. Print the coupon when you've made your choice, and schedule an appointment.

Note: Bring your coupon and CPC Member ID Card with you to your appointment for discount redemption. The provider will apply your member discount to the bill. Simply pay the discounted rate directly to the provider at the time of sale/service.

Health Tip

A personal wellness program is based on individual need, and you should consult a physician before making any drastic health changes.

Credentialing Policy

CPC Medi-Save™ consists only of those providers who have met the standards of our strict credentialing policy so you can feel confident about the choices you make for your family.


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